I have all my medals in a shoe box stashed in a spare room on a shelf. But I want to share them with you on here, and give a little insight into each one.


The first year I got into running, Ran 2 races.

Bloomer Boogie, 5k 2011.

First Race was the Bloomer boogie, a nice little 5k Trail run. I got a 3rd place medal. But actually took 6th in my Age Group. But still made my day at the time. 26:43 – 6th AG, 32/92 overall.

Second race doesn’t do medals it was the Big Bird Run 4k. Had fun, close to house and chilly, glad it was over in 19 mins. 19:21- 33/136 overall.



My wife’s cross fit gym was going to do the Tough Mudder. So I said , why not!!! But the problem is I didn’t workout like them, and wasn’t joining a gym. So I said I’ll train and do a half marathon before the Tough Mudder, that way I’ll be at least able to run the 12 Miles. So I plan to do a half marathon 1 month after my first 5k. #DiveInHeadFirst that’s my Motto.

Freeze your Franny – 5k in January (no Medal) 24:40 – 16th AG, 71/220 overall.

Rock CF Half Marathon, 2012. First Half Marathon still PR to this day 4 years later.

Gross Ile Half Marathon – First Half, blisters on foot @ mile 4. Still to this day my HM PR: 1:54:24, 31st AG, 307/838 overall.

Tough Mudder – not for time, just for fun. Hard as hell!

Let’s Move Festival of Races, 5k, 2012. Took 3rd Age Group

Let’s Move Festival Race – 5k, I got the 2nd place trophy in Age Group, but someone finished after me, with a faster time. They mailed me the 3rd place trophy. 23:51 – 3rd AG, 45/1286 overall.

Sailing Thru the Shores – local city 5k before Memorial day parade. DNS, hurt my back the morning of and was my first race I failed to start or finish.

SCS Triathlon Kayak/Bike/Run 2012

SCS Triathlon – My first Triathlon, Kayak/Bike/Run. 1:38:41 – 6th AG, 58/144

Warrior Dash 2012
Warrior Dash 2012

Warrior Dash – Ran with my sick wife, so another just for fun event.

9/11 Heroes 5k - 2012
9/11 Heroes 5k – 2012

9/11 Heroes Run, 5k Trail (same course as Bloomer boogie) This was the first year of the race. 23:34, 1st AG, 5/60 overall.

Detroit Half Marathon 2012
Detroit Half Marathon 2012

Detroit Free Press Half Marathon, my first major race, was a great time cold but fun, atmosphere was nothing I’ve experienced before. 1:55:10 – 145th AG, 1352/9328

Bloomer Boogie, 5k back where my race career began. 25:52 – 5th AG, 18/85 overall.

Big Bird Run, 4k. Looking for faster results. 18:36 – 8th AG, 19/118 overall.


Earth Day 5k

Earth Day 5k & 10k. First race of 2013, the year of my first Marathon. Ran one of them with a co-worker who has now become one of my closest racing friends. Race got flooded out, so the course was changed, 1st was 2 miler @ 18:48 – 2nd AG, 4/42 overall. 2nd race 10k – 55:48, 23/32 overall.

MOM 5k – Mind of Matter

MOM 5k – In all of my running searches, I finally found one that raised money for mental Illness. The Mom 5k Race is in support of their mother who tragically took her own life after dealing with untreated schizophrenia. http://www.momrace.org/ This is still my favorite race of all of them I’ve run. 25:43 – 13 AG, 79/1100 overall.

Sailing Thru the Shores – back to the local city 5k before Memorial day parade. Not injured this time. 26:27 – 14th AG, 64/137 overall.

Flirt with Dirt, 10k My first long trail run, where I fell in love with Trail running. I had Mt. Biked this course numerous times over the past 5 years. But had never ran it. 1:01:00 – 21AG, 166/336 overall.

SCS Triathlon, 2013

SCS Triathlon, round 2. was going for a faster time, but rough water slowed everyone down. Actually saw about 6 people fallen out of their kayaks. 1:39:35 – 4th AG, 49/118 overall.

Warrior Dash, 2013.

Warrior Dash, 2nd year doing the Dash, this time I brought along 2 more friends. 1 being my best friend, who happens to be a really big guy. So sticking with him was more important than a time. Quote of the day since it’s only a 5k race, “How far are we in? seems like we’ve been running for miles.” response from me, “Well I think we just finished a half mile.”

North Country Run, Half Marathon, 2013

North Country Half Marathon, This sold out in minutes, was lucky to get in. My first “road trip” race 3 hour drive, was so worth it. The course was tough and hilly. Also going to be the site of my first 50 Miler this year (2016) 2:19:43 – 18th AG, 109/359 overall.

9/11 Heroes Run, 5k trail. My first DNF. only a 5k but twisted my ankle, with 6 weeks before my first Marathon, I decided to just drop out at mile 2. DNF

Heroes on Hines Half Marathon 2013

Heroes on Hines Half Marathon, was sort of “self-talked” into this one. Training for Marathon, read something about a half marathon training race a few weeks before Marathon was a good thing. However, my stupid pride made me run it faster than I should of, I’m pretty sure I paid for that at the Marathon. 1:56:18 – 20th AG, 101/304 overall.

Detroit Marathon 2013 (my 1st)

Detroit Marathon, The Race that killed me. I’m going to write a whole page on this one. 4:44:31 – 262nd AG, 2440/4269 overall.