Run thru Bipolar

Overcoming Bipolar disorder thru running and cycling




Love your fear

Don’t let it stop you, make it make you stronger. 

Embrace it,  and conquer it.

Love your fear


Back at the blog

Been a long time, almost 10 months.  So today I was at work,  feeling low and not energetic. Instead of my PB&J sandwich I decided I would go get some food. Not sure what, just get out of the office and find something.

I remember when I would go for walks outside on lunch or just sit in the park. So I headed toward the park and the food trucks. Checking the menu boards, I passed 3 and the 4th one had “comfort bowl” it was corn bread base with BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw,  cheese and BBQ sauce.  Sounds good, let’s give it a try.  Now where to sit and enjoy my comfort food.  I ended up in the grass in the park,  listening to a band playing. Birds flying,  sun shining, slight breeze,  felt perfect. So after 30 minutes I was refreshed and headed back into the office. Rest of the day went much better.

Just a reminder to get back on top,  sometimes you have to get away and eat the comfort food.  Or just sit outside and get some sun.

Negative Stereotypes About Bipolar Disorder


The unfair treatment of individuals with severe mental illness has been linked to poorer physical and mental health outcomes. Additionally, anticipation of discrimination may lead some individuals to avoid participation in particular life areas, leading to greater isolation and social marginalisation. (study)

As if there weren’t enough self stigma, negatives and limitations built into having Bipolar Disorder, 21st century society sprinkles more upon us. I copy/pasted these from various sites. Whether you agree or disagree with various of them, I think we have to remember that they all dissuade people from getting a diagnosis, accepting it and being open about it.

So there’s an incendiary situation right there. It already takes an average of a decade to diagnose Bipolar – that’s a decade of untreated hell. Then there’s the fact that resistance to treatment (including meds) is potentially fatal for the sufferer. And that it affects everything and everyone around…

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Monday Motivation

Stumbled Upon: Heat Running

Final Day of JuneAthon

So I made it, the weekend of the Grad Party. What a awesome, yet exhausting weekend. Started on Friday @ 7am, and didn’t stop until midday today.

Up early Friday, pick up the Bounce house and Double Slide AWESOME. Then yard work, clean up Garage, make Pool look clean. Wait for the lawn company to come and cut the grass. a HOT long day – then as every Friday night. DATE Night. We went to the deli near our house, had some great sandwiches.

Saturday, up at 8:00, outside setup up bounce house and double slide (800 lbs) then Tents go up. Then pick up the chairs and tables. Jump in the pool. Then we had Softball, Playoffs, win or go home, thinking we might win 1 game. We end up winning the first 3, then finally after back to back to back to back games, we lose and take 2nd place. 

Sunday. PARTY day, up at 8:00, set up tables and chairs, wrap table clothes, hang decorations, get ice, get cake, get balloons, get food, get get get….. 12:50 – POP goes the fuse box, 2 slides, pool filter, entire garage lights, and slow cookers in Garage, fuse didn’t like that. But we fix that and 1:00 party time, 1:15 DOWN POUR rain rain go away. but it didn’t for at least an hour. BUT the kids thought it was awesome on the double bounce slide. overall it was a great day, able to hang with tons of friends and family. 

Monday, time to take it all down and take it back. THEN power goes out! Well, I know what to do when the power goes out. RUN I went out on a run, did 5 miles, it was only about 90 degrees out. But I’ll tell you what that pool felt great after I got done. Powers back and I’m blogging before I pass out for the night. 

Until next time… Chow.


As for the monthly Totals.

June FINAL totals:

72 miles running
17 softball games
4.5 miles walking
40 miles cycling
10 mile Mt. Biking
7 Graduation Party + the party we threw!!!

I have bipolar disorder, but I am not crazy

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