Run thru Bipolar

Overcoming Bipolar disorder thru running and cycling



I’ll make it a rest day – It’s ok to rest

Rest days are well deserved and should be taken whenever you are training. Your body needs to recover, your muscles will thank you, your brain, well it might not thank you, because it wants to be out there, but it will thank you. I decided today would be a rest day. After a 12 mile run, then MTB and a 6 mile run and MTB, why not.

My Wife said “Are you ok, taking a rest day?” I said yes why not? “You haven’t taken a day off in forever.” Which prompted me to look at Endomondo. I took Friday off. Friday is Date night. But then it’s been a busy month. beyond that.

So I wanted to see how my first “half” (it’s only the 14th) month went. I have 47 miles running in, 70 miles on the road bike, with another 15 miles on the mountain bike. Not to mention 5 softball games. So yea, I’ll take a rest day.



Running – Softball – Repeat

Well, maybe not repeat, but my Tuesdays have been fun lately, long but fun. Today I got a 6 mile run in with my group right after work. Then it was off you play some softball, first game subbing on Co-ed League, had the lead up until the last inning, then lost. Then left that field drove to the other one played with my normal team, won that game 18-6.

Running must have tired out my calf a little bit, started cramping in the second softball game, but drinking another Gatorade and I’m good to go. Running at a slow pace, but still getting miles, sometimes it’s not about the speed when you are training. Just getting the muscles to figure out what’s going on and keeping them in check for the big race. 

Less than 4 weeks until my next Half Marathon Trail run, 28 miles for the month, probably get about 50 more. But won’t over do it, no need to get hurt.

Softball – Juneathon Day 17

Tuesday night is Softball night. Double header tonight, (rain make-up game) back and forth first game, top of last inning, losing by 2, we score 6, Bottom of the inning, we get out of it with no runs given up. Second win of the season. Trek to the other field to play the rain make-up game. Surprise Surprise, it’s the same team. This time we don’t mess around we take a huge lead, and mercy them in 6 innings.

First game couldn’t make an out, 5 for 5 scored 4 runs. Second game I started off with 0-2, but finished 3-5 with 3 runs scored. It was a great night for Softball, Tuesday night team is now 3-4 on the season, making a good comeback.


As for the monthly Totals.

June totals:

40.5 miles running
10 softball games
2.5 miles walking
40 miles cycling
10 mile Mt. Biking
4 Graduation Party (only 6 more to go)

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