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Time moves Faster than You Think

It’s been almost a month since my last post. Life can get a little crazy. in the past month, I’ve gotten in 80 miles of running (including one of those runs being The Legend Half Marathon) 35 miles of mt. biking, and 50 miles of road biking. Not to mention I had an amazing family vacation, where we got in some kayaking, biking, ATVs on the Sand dunes, Disc Golf, Mini Golf, family board games, and 1 day at an amusement park. Love spending time with my family.


Sort of a bitter sweet family vacation, my son will starting college in a week, my daughter is starting in High School the following week. My wife and I were trying to recall when we started going to this vacation house, and it’s seems like forever, but only be about 5-6 years. The activities we did then vs. now is a 180 degree change. Back then, it was hang out at the beach, sand toys, minnow nets, and skim boards. Now he was driving around in the ATV, daughter was taking pictures of the sunset. Time moves faster than we thing, and we need to all stop wishing for the future to get here, and start living in the NOW. Before I know it my daughter will be graduating High School, Son will be finishing up college. Then before we know it they’ll both be out of the house. Not sure I can handle that, but one thing I can do is enjoy what I have.


I’ll make it a rest day – It’s ok to rest

Rest days are well deserved and should be taken whenever you are training. Your body needs to recover, your muscles will thank you, your brain, well it might not thank you, because it wants to be out there, but it will thank you. I decided today would be a rest day. After a 12 mile run, then MTB and a 6 mile run and MTB, why not.

My Wife said “Are you ok, taking a rest day?” I said yes why not? “You haven’t taken a day off in forever.” Which prompted me to look at Endomondo. I took Friday off. Friday is Date night. But then it’s been a busy month. beyond that.

So I wanted to see how my first “half” (it’s only the 14th) month went. I have 47 miles running in, 70 miles on the road bike, with another 15 miles on the mountain bike. Not to mention 5 softball games. So yea, I’ll take a rest day.


Started with some rain, ended with some dirt

Up early this morning, got in my 6 miler run at a nice 9:02 pace. I looked outside, and it looked like it had just stopped raining, I didn’t check the weather app or radar, got dressed and out the door. Less than a mile into it and here comes the rain. Then it stopped, then it started, All I could do was laugh at the rain, I was sweating anyway, what’s a little more wetness. Last mile was 8:45 felt strong at the end. Much better than my 12 miler time yesterday.

Home to shower, eat and off to church, great service this morning. Then home, ate more food (when training, I eat like a pig) then off to Mt. Bike. By best friend joined us this morning first time out, (he’s really out of shape) it was going to be a long slow ride. He made it without crashing, had to walk it up two hills, did hit a tree, but did awesome. We dropped him at the cars, along with another guy, then picked up another guy, and did the loop again. Was a beautiful afternoon and finished up great.


Love my running, riding, beautiful weekends.

Beautiful day for some double training

Saturday was awesome. Up early and out to do a 12 mile run, Longest run in 2 months hurt like hell but pushed thru to the full 12 this time. Having a running Buddy makes a huge difference, even though you both want to quit, neither one is willing to let the other one quit.

Then took about an hour break, got some food, and was driving home, Saw a sign to a Mt. Bike course, that my friends have been talking about. I already had my bike in my car. Closest MTB course is 30+ mins from my house, Since I was out that way, figured maybe get in a ride. And I was feeling pretty good, so I rode a course I’ve never been to. I got a little turned around out there, had to double back twice from some dead-ends. But overall was a great little ride.

Needless to say, spent first half of my day burning off some calories, then home, and out to eat at Qdoba, to put some calories back on. Finally sat down on the couch and was asleep in minutes. Now it’s 11:30, feeling not tired, but need my sleep. Going running again in the morning, followed by Church, then riding with some friends at that same park. Going to be a Great weekend.

Hope everyone else’s weekend is as much fun as mine.

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