Run thru Bipolar

Overcoming Bipolar disorder thru running and cycling



I’d rather be Running

Well, I think it’s official, I would rather be running. I went out for a trail run last weekend and rolled my ankle. So since then, I’ve NOT been running and it’s Killing me. Did a whole bunch of nothing for a few days. Then finally today I couldn’t take it any more, so I went for a Walk….. yea part way into the walk I wanted to RUN…. I held back and didn’t run, but I walked at a fast clip. After 2.5 miles of walking, my ankle was pretty sore. I iced it for awhile, but I still needed to get OUT and do something. So a few hours later I went for a bike ride. I did about 16 miles @ 18 mph felt good, legs were burning, but my ass fell asleep, my knee was starting to ache and I missed RUNNING….. I can’t wait for this ankle to get better, I really need to start Running again. Well that is all, just felt that I needed to say I WANT TO RUN!!!


I’ll make it a rest day – It’s ok to rest

Rest days are well deserved and should be taken whenever you are training. Your body needs to recover, your muscles will thank you, your brain, well it might not thank you, because it wants to be out there, but it will thank you. I decided today would be a rest day. After a 12 mile run, then MTB and a 6 mile run and MTB, why not.

My Wife said “Are you ok, taking a rest day?” I said yes why not? “You haven’t taken a day off in forever.” Which prompted me to look at Endomondo. I took Friday off. Friday is Date night. But then it’s been a busy month. beyond that.

So I wanted to see how my first “half” (it’s only the 14th) month went. I have 47 miles running in, 70 miles on the road bike, with another 15 miles on the mountain bike. Not to mention 5 softball games. So yea, I’ll take a rest day.


Always be prepared – Adventures of Road biking

Well it’s been a few days, Happy 4th of July. Got a great bike ride in today. But it had it’s moments. I went out for 20+ miles today, was cruising home about 9 miles to go 13.5 already in, and Pot hole, first one didn’t hurt anything, second one blew out my back tire.

Luckily, I was prepared. All the last 3 years, never took anything with me when I rode. I had one flat tire about a mile from the house and walked the bike back. Since I’ve gotten more into riding, I invested in a spare tire, and a friend gave me an under the seat bag. I have the spare inner tube, Multi-tool, 2 tire remover tools, and the converter for the value. I have a big pump that should attach to the frame, but I lost the velco strap, so I just put it in my back jersey pocket.  

So at mile 13.5, pop there goes the air, and all control of the back tire. I flip the bike upside down on the grass, pull back tire off, and get to work. only took 10 minutes. I know some pros can do it much faster, but I wasn’t in a race or anything. Got the tire back on, and finished the ride. Didn’t let it get me down. I welcomed the break and the “practice” of fixing a flat on the side of the road. Always an adventure, but so glad I was prepared. walking my bike back 9 mile with my biking shoes and biking shorts on, didn’t fit my “plan.”

Now, to find the hole in the inner tube, patch it and put it back in my pack for the next time.

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