Well, according to the plan today is the first long run for a 13 week training plan to run my 3rd 50k. I followed a plan pretty good for my first 50k. Life got in the way during the second one. And let me tell you, the first one was much better than the second one. I’m not really much for following plans, like to use them a reference and never stick right to the numbers.

Well today called for 8 miles. I had all the intentions of running 10 or 11. About 1 mile in, I felt fast but tight, so inorder to recover from a faster than normal start, I decided I would go to a 25/5 routine, 25 minutes run, 5 minutes walk. I did this last year on some long training runs, but wasn’t going to do it for a 8 to 10 miler…. But always willing to adjust, I decided in order to get the best of out this round of training, I’m going to do 25/5 on all runs on Saturday until the Ultra. And I’m going to run Sunday recover runs of 1/2 the Saturday distance. So my first 2 miles in the 8 min/mile pace (way to fast for a long run) was able to recover enough during walks to maintain a overall pace of 9:35 pace. Also the wind was a little crazy, so I changed my route, turned right instead of left, did a couple switchback type sections. Got in 8.25, overall I say it was a Win. I’m really happy with that. Run 4 tomorrow and it will be a nice first week of training.