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Overcoming Bipolar disorder thru running and cycling


August 2015



Back at the blog

Been a long time, almost 10 months.  So today I was at work,  feeling low and not energetic. Instead of my PB&J sandwich I decided I would go get some food. Not sure what, just get out of the office and find something.

I remember when I would go for walks outside on lunch or just sit in the park. So I headed toward the park and the food trucks. Checking the menu boards, I passed 3 and the 4th one had “comfort bowl” it was corn bread base with BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw,  cheese and BBQ sauce.  Sounds good, let’s give it a try.  Now where to sit and enjoy my comfort food.  I ended up in the grass in the park,  listening to a band playing. Birds flying,  sun shining, slight breeze,  felt perfect. So after 30 minutes I was refreshed and headed back into the office. Rest of the day went much better.

Just a reminder to get back on top,  sometimes you have to get away and eat the comfort food.  Or just sit outside and get some sun.

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