Run thru Bipolar

Overcoming Bipolar disorder thru running and cycling


September 2014

Negative Stereotypes About Bipolar Disorder


The unfair treatment of individuals with severe mental illness has been linked to poorer physical and mental health outcomes. Additionally, anticipation of discrimination may lead some individuals to avoid participation in particular life areas, leading to greater isolation and social marginalisation. (study)

As if there weren’t enough self stigma, negatives and limitations built into having Bipolar Disorder, 21st century society sprinkles more upon us. I copy/pasted these from various sites. Whether you agree or disagree with various of them, I think we have to remember that they all dissuade people from getting a diagnosis, accepting it and being open about it.

So there’s an incendiary situation right there. It already takes an average of a decade to diagnose Bipolar – that’s a decade of untreated hell. Then there’s the fact that resistance to treatment (including meds) is potentially fatal for the sufferer. And that it affects everything and everyone around…

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I’d rather be Running

Well, I think it’s official, I would rather be running. I went out for a trail run last weekend and rolled my ankle. So since then, I’ve NOT been running and it’s Killing me. Did a whole bunch of nothing for a few days. Then finally today I couldn’t take it any more, so I went for a Walk….. yea part way into the walk I wanted to RUN…. I held back and didn’t run, but I walked at a fast clip. After 2.5 miles of walking, my ankle was pretty sore. I iced it for awhile, but I still needed to get OUT and do something. So a few hours later I went for a bike ride. I did about 16 miles @ 18 mph felt good, legs were burning, but my ass fell asleep, my knee was starting to ache and I missed RUNNING….. I can’t wait for this ankle to get better, I really need to start Running again. Well that is all, just felt that I needed to say I WANT TO RUN!!!

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