It’s been almost a month since my last post. Life can get a little crazy. in the past month, I’ve gotten in 80 miles of running (including one of those runs being The Legend Half Marathon) 35 miles of mt. biking, and 50 miles of road biking. Not to mention I had an amazing family vacation, where we got in some kayaking, biking, ATVs on the Sand dunes, Disc Golf, Mini Golf, family board games, and 1 day at an amusement park. Love spending time with my family.


Sort of a bitter sweet family vacation, my son will starting college in a week, my daughter is starting in High School the following week. My wife and I were trying to recall when we started going to this vacation house, and it’s seems like forever, but only be about 5-6 years. The activities we did then vs. now is a 180 degree change. Back then, it was hang out at the beach, sand toys, minnow nets, and skim boards. Now he was driving around in the ATV, daughter was taking pictures of the sunset. Time moves faster than we thing, and we need to all stop wishing for the future to get here, and start living in the NOW. Before I know it my daughter will be graduating High School, Son will be finishing up college. Then before we know it they’ll both be out of the house. Not sure I can handle that, but one thing I can do is enjoy what I have.